Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Last week at the MTC!

Hola everyone! last week at the MTC, I head out into the real world Monday 6am. Getting close! Flight leaves at 11am and lands in Georgia at 4:50, 3 hour layover, then will be in Buenos Aires at 8am Tuesday morning. 15 hour flight (without the layover)....geez! That's quite the flight for someone who has never been, should be interesting. Even going in a car down the street the other day to get fingerprints down made me instantly carsick's been awhile I guess. There are 14 amigos I'm traveling with, so that'll be good, quite a few of us. 

We got another district, so that was fun :) Only get to know them for a short time since we're leaving, but they're super awesome! 

Something I forgot to mention last week. We have skype lessons with church members from different countries. Last week we taught a lady from Costa Rica, she was breastfeeding her baby during the lesson, but it was cool because we actually understood her. This week's skype lesson was really cool though. We taught a member from Mexico named Francisco. It was the best lesson ever! This lessons was different for many reasons. For the first time, I was able to talk and teach without having to focus so hard on the language. I was able to feel the spirit as I was speaking so that made it a lot more powerful. He told us that we had great spanish, that he could understand us clearly, and that we were ready for the field. That really meant a lot to me because I feel like missionaries get overwhelmed and hard on themselves because we are fed with so much to do! What a nice man! I could tell the spirit was so strong. He started tearing up during the lesson and was wiping tears as we were talking. Hermana Yancey and I were glowing when we left the room, it all just felt really great and I can't wait for more experiences like that. 

Hermana Yancey (my companion) got pretty sick and was told she had to stay in bed, it was sad and seemed pretty bad. She got a priesthood blessing that night, and the next morning she was completely fine. Another hermana was bedridden for 2 days, and after she got a priesthood blessing, she was completely fine the next morning. Shows that power that comes from the priesthood. I thought that was so amazing. 

This week my companion and I were trying to boost moral since people are seeming to get overwhelmed. I noticed some people getting a little down, so we have learned a lot about charity. That's the Christlike attribute me and Hermana Yancey wanted to work on. We try to be extra positive and I found that we are always talking about what we're excited about, rather than the negative. Just saying things like, I'm pumped for choir helps a ton! The MTC is super happy, like freaky happy...just everyone is extremely happy. But also, we can all get overwhelmed at times, so we've learned the importance of keeping a good mindset! 

This Sunday we are going to test out MTC West campus (they look like huge white igloo domes, it's kinda weird and I have no idea what to expect). But we're having sacrament there. Our district (8 of us) is singing a musical number since we're leaving the next day. At first we were going to sing the medley "Sisters in Zion and Army of Helaman" which is really pretty and was sang at my farewell. But the Elders didn't like their we are singing "I Need Thee Every Hour" in english and espanol. It's purrrrdy. It's pretty powerful when we're all practicing and singing :) new Pday will be on Monday, so it'll be a little while until ya'll hear from me. I love you all and hope you all have a great week :D 

Hasta luego!

Sorry, I didn't take a lot of pictures this week. These are most of the Hermana's we are just missing a trio.

And the other pic is me doing my morning bar sit ups....jk....just messing around on the pull up bar.

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