Monday, October 26, 2015

Oi, tudo bem?

This week was amazing! My companion is pretty cool, we get along real well and have a lot of good laughs. The craziest things happen, as usual haha. She`s teaching my Portuguese and Im teaching her english. It`s weird to think that we live together and speak different languages and we have to meet in the middle with spanish haha. In the pension she usually only talks to me in Portuguese and I think it sounds sooo cool! She has a cool accent. I only know a little, but so far we have a couple songs down and a prayer. It`s has a lot of things that are similar to spanish. A igreja de Jesus Cristo è uma bênção em minha vida. Minha companheira me encinol como fazer uma oração! We will be doing classes of english and portuguese so I will have to learn enough to be able to teach. We`re pumped! 

On Tuesday night we traveled to Zarate and stayed the night with other hermanas for a zone meeting the following day. It was great :) We only have 1 progessing investigador in our whole we know, there will always be tough times in the mission, but we know that we will see miracles with our diligencia. We just have to keep working hard, be obedient, and have faith and the Lord will do the rest :) 
We have a few people that are soooooo close to be getting in the water. It`s crazy the obstacles that are placed in front of them, but it`s a real test of faith and it`s amazing how strong they are!! We`re so blessed to be working along side of them. Roberto is doing awesome....perseverando hasta el fin! He always shows up to church 30 minutes early, talks to everyone in the church, and participates soo much in the classes haha, I told him he should teach a class haha. It`s amazing to see his progression and also the progression in his family. 

Sorry this one is a short email. 

These pics are from last week with Hermana Abril, we went to some really pretty parts. The last pic is of a giant Mate....Argentinos live for el mate! And Im acostumed to it too now....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hermana Jacques

Bueno, we have permission to write today because we had transfers yesterday and we didnt get back in time with the traveling. My sweet companion left to a different area...dang, I already miss her! It was hard for her to leave Baradero, and it made me realize that I need to make sure I`m making the best out of every transfer that I have here. Do everything I can here. Changes are hard! But it`s incredible the friendships ya make in the mish. My companion right now is Hermana Jacques...but she is Hermana Da Silva right now (I dont really understand why, but she lost her other plaque with her other name). She is from Brazil. She has 3 months in the mission
so Im hearing a lot of portuguese haha. The accent de Brazil is so cool! She will be teaching me Portuguese :) She came from Capital and was a little shocked to see Baradero, to be on a bike, and to see animals in the streets.

Acà en Argentina, it was Mother`s Day this past Sunday. I felt like I should have been skyping! Sunday was great. My companion and I did a musical number with un hermano in the branch, I gave a talk, and my comp and I taught the classes. Haha...the props of a small branch, we get to do a lot, it was all really fun :) And I like spontaneous things! A great experience. 

My companion and I wanted to go exploring in our area one Pday. WOW, it is BEAUTIFUL! I hadnt had the chance to go out into the fields, trees, and river. There`s a lot of parts that i hadnt been in...because there`s not a whole lot of people that live over there. We went to a huge hill that was a Catholic tourist area...It`s called el camino de Cristo, because there`s a huge tree made into Christ on the cross and a long the path there is big cement blocks and carvings with the story of Jesus. But the view on this hill was SO BEAUITFUL! I could see the big river wind through the fields with tons of animals and wow! I have pics and vids :) Then we went to some other areas by the river :) It also made me realize that we have so much more area and I cant wait to use our time effectively and find lots more people in our area :) The search goes on!

I`m still having a great time, and Im loving Baradero. I LOVE the people I have met here :) It`s amazing to see the experiences that happen to people that have a desire to come unto Christ. It`s amazing to be a part of it. We are seeing such great things happen :) we have such amazing investidagores!  and the weather is just starting to get REALLY hot...and it`s not even summer yet!

Monday, October 12, 2015


This transfer has floooooown by, I can`t believe it! Every transfer is màs y màs ràpido! Ay! I didn`t even realize that I passed my halfway was 11 days ago. That is a scary thought D:

Our Roberto was baptized!!! Wahoo! I think it`s so awesome how we met him. About a month ago his dog ran away from the house (which they say she never ever does because she`s a lazy dog), and as he was chasing her, she ran to our apartment. My companion had the door open just about to leave, and the dog ran in. His dog started it all! It wasnt coincidence :) We have been teaching him and some of his family members, they are such an awesome family! The mom had a baptism date too, but got really sick (an elderly woman)...but the desire is there and she`ll be entering the waters in no time :) I can`t even explain the change that has happened with him and his family, it`s incredible. They have passed and are passing some really hard trials, and wow, the gospel has changed so much for them. Roberto was confirmed yesterday and was soooo happy, he went up and bore his testimony, was giving candy to everyone that was sitting by us, and was talking to all the members and making a ton of friendships! (I mean there arent many members, but still!) My companion and I sang at his baptism, half english and half spanish :) His baptism was so beautiful and he was telling the world about how he felt haha. 

We had a super fun activity with the branch! We decided to take advantage of everyone in the baptism on Friday and told them we wanted all of them to all stay for an activity (we had nothing planned......but we`re tryin to strengthen the branch haha). We had a member go and get his guitar and we sang and played guitar/piano, ate food, and laughed a ton! It was so much fun!

Last Pday we went to a super pretty River in San Pedro with our district and had a picnic. It was super fun! Today we will be going to a festival that has food from all countries with the district, but the phone was cutting out and I didnt hear what the rest of the plans were, so I guess it`s just a surprise! haha. Either way, Pdays are always super fun :) 

Things are going great, I`m loving the work here, we are seeing such great things happen and there will be a lot more this week :) I`m loving it here in Baradero :) We have transfers next week and we dont know what will happen, but it`s comforting to know that everything is inspired by God, so I`m not worried. I do love my area and companion though!!

Until next week!

The wonderous dog that found missionaries.

Baptism with his parents....Aweeee they're so sweet.

Roberto and Victor

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference :D

HOLA!!!! :D

Perdòn I`m starting to get kinda lazy with the general emails! I used to write down what I did and it was easier to write in detail, but when I dont bring anything, I sit here and try to think of what happened this week! The weeks fly by SOOOO fast, and there`s always sooo much that happens! 

Almost the whole week we werent in our area unfortunately, so much traveling! It`s really not common to be traveling this much, and I know it will calm down, there`s just been a lot of things going! We went back to Zàrate to sleep in a different pension for a zone meeting the next day. An hour before the meeting I got Lumbago. To be honest...I still dont know what that is and I dont even know if it`s the same word in english or anything. I`ve never heard of that! But I guess it`s something I did with my back muscles. All I I`m recovering from a back injury from a couple days ago. It was such painful back pain and I could barely walk....Abuelita Carter. I walked up to a taxi to take us to the meeting and walked in all crippled. I was just gonna let it pass but some other hermanas were freaking out because they have had it before. I went to a clinic, waited 3 hours (really testing my patience ha), and the doctor was tryin to help me lay down on the bed, and I couldnt even do that! He was moving my legs and wow, the pain!! He told me I couldnt work for a couple days...that wasnt going to happen...not as a missionary! But I could walk straight up after 2 days and it still bothers me, but it`ll go away in a couple days. I just had a bad was so weird how strong and fast it all happened! But all passed, Im doing just fine!! But yeah, the traveling is a lot, but at least we get to travel through some really really pretty areas with some fun people! 

We had 8 investigadores go to the conference, and some of them went to multiple sessions! Wow, crazy, it was amazing!!! They loved it! It was amazing to see how it touched many of them. Everything about the conference was so powerful and so great! Unfortuntely, we couldnt watch the first session, because we had a power outage in all of Baradero for I will have to catch up. But the other 3 sessions were so amazing! These investigadores are so amazing, and it`s so amazing to see the changes already with their new perspective of life as they put into practice the principles of the gospel :) We are truly blessed to have the gospel in our lives! 

One of the many things I have learned in the mission is that I have found many of my friends of the premortal life :) And yeah, I dont really have much more to say about that, but I am so grateful for all of the great companions and friendships I have made out here in the mission...with missionaries, members, and investigadores! It`s incredible! 

Have a great week!!!

The pics are from interviews and a meeting with President