Wednesday, January 28, 2015

4th Week!

Hey ya'll! Como estan?!

This week was awesome, still going great :) The days are counting down to go to Argentina and I'm pumped. I'm feeling more and more ready each day. The lessons are going a lot better and we're getting good feedback on what we teach. I feel like the gears are slowin' down in my head during those lessons, so that's good! Pero, there are still some really tough things that investigators say or really tough things we try to answer. It made my companion throw up after a lesson once, and she's genius. Everything will be okay. We don't need to worry because if we try hard, the Lord will shape and mold our hearts. I think it's safe to say that applies to everything. But it just helps us grow, and we're learning so much cada day. We had a language assessment (they would ask us questions and we would talk in a mic to reply) the other day and I got a good grade, so that made me happy! I'm still not sick thank goodness, but unfortunately the second wave of sickness is coming around. Bronchitis has hit our room now...

District 21B (10 Elders) left a couple days ago to Argentina. They grew so much here, they were a crazy group, but it's amazing to see the growth. Had our last intense 4 square tournament....wahh, but it's still fun. Typically on Sundays we have the opportunity to watch a movie after devotional. But since it was their last Sunday we all just went into a room and had a testimony meeting, it was way cool. A couple people said that our zone is more of a family than their own family. That really got me thinking....I'm grateful for all the support I you all. 

We had another "English Fast", this time we had a sticky note on our tags that said, "No hablo ingles hoy. Lo siento", so people would understand I was latina that day. There are lots of people here that don't speak English (mostly from China), so I figured I could be like them for a day haha. It turned out alright, just is really mentally draining to think super hard about what you're saying all day hahah. 

We have a new district coming in today, 4 hermanas and 4 elderes. I'm really excited to train them tonight and get to know them! Hope they like 4 square ;)

It seems like I've been here forever, but yet the days all blend together and fly by. Doesn't make sense, right?! Most of our neighbors on our floor are only staying here for 2 weeks so we see Sisters come and go every week, like sisters come in after us and leave the MTC before us. So we're like the grandmas of the floor who have been here for generations lol. Oh but hey, I'M GOING IN A CAR TOMORROW....they're taking most of our district to get fingerprints done (that's what the district before us had to do, it just takes forever to get a visa...). But it seems like forever since I've been in a car because we just walk everywhere. The only time I step off campus is to walk to the temple. So that'll be an adventure even though it's at a police station. 

I love seeing the new missionaries that are coming in. Quite honestly I feel really bad because I know the first day is scary! So my companion and I try to talk to as many as we can and try to welcome. Many don't really talk though, because it's shocking the first day. But they'll love it here. It's like one of the most happiest places on earth haha. Everyone is so happy and friendly, like over the top that must say something! Somewhere were you can have 1800 other friends; ya make friends quick! 

1 hour definitely is not enough time to e-mail. I just want to tell ya'll that I love you all and I love this gospel. It brings so much happiness. The definition of gospel=good, right? I can't wait to share with others something that brings me happiness. I love you all and have a wonderful week!!! :D 

                                             Picture of our zone before the district left.

                                          These are the missionaries from Utah in my zone.

 And a pretty amazing photobomb! :)

                                                            Hermanas in my district.

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