Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Out to Egypt!

Hey yall!

Usually when I write I have my agenda or notes of things that happened, but I just got to my new area and didn't bring anything to the computer place so it`ll be short! This week we saw O MANY MIRACLES! We were having a rough couple weeks because we had to keep dropping all of our investigadores and starting on a clean slate. But we felt as if we had been seeing the fruit of our labors this week! We had another unexpected investador show up to church just because his friend told him too (this is the second time he has randomly showed up). We had a nonmember family that has started going to church with their family, sooooo awesome! We were so excited to start teaching a family! Someone stopped us in the street and asked about the church and if we could come over to teach, with the culture here that doesnt that was super amazing! And we contacted a young woman in the street and she was fascinated about the message of the Restauration and has a date to get baptized, she is so amazing! I`m so excited for her. We worked hard, had some great memories with some members, and started working with progressing investigadores again. It felt great! But......My companion got a shin split and tendonitis that same week, all that walkin sheesh!!! But either way, we were able to get so much done, work hard, and we found great people. 

With all this excitement of the work and the blessings we were experiencing, it didnt really hit us that transfers were coming up. We didn't talk about it much because we had just figured we were both going to stay, because it made sense to stay. We didn't say bye to anyone or even talk about transfers to many people. So when we got the call....we were kinda freaking out! I was so unprepared to leave and was kinda bummed that I didnt get to say bye to anyone. I`ll be sending them letters I suppose! I became really close to that ward and then I just disappear, ah!! And ah it was hard saying goodbye to my twin, Hermana Baldwin! But we have a ton of plans after the mish :D Woop! 

My new area is called Baradero in the Zona Zàrate...out in Egypt! Pretty much anybody that goes to the Zàrate zone isnt heard of or seen for a long time. People say their "ummm bye, good luck, see you.....sometime" when they talk to people leaving to Zarate. All the zones are in Capital or the outskirts of capital and then our zone is hours away in the middle of nowhere. A lot of traveling today. My companion and I are in the second farthest area in the mission and it`s one of the areas with the least amount of people. The closest companionship to us is over 30 minutes away. We are pretty solo out here. I asked my area how the area was and she said "well....we got someone to go to church one time...". So it may be a difficult area, but I`m not afraid! We are going to kick butt! I had always wanted to go to a provincia (outside the city with fields and less people), but it was such a weird feeling leaving such a busy city and then just seeing cows and fields forever. I`m not even a city person, so it was weird that I felt that way! Either way, I know I will love my new area!! 

My companion is Hermana Abril Amaya from Columbia :) She is almost 20 and has 5 months in the mission. That`s about all I know haha, but my companions keep turning to be my real good friends so I`m not worried! She hasnt been in the area for long, so we will be learning together out here :)

Bueno...I love you all and I`m so grateful for you all! Have a super great week!! 

My family sent me a package, woop!! American goodies!

We made zone tshirts.....rad.

Now.....we did order ice cream delivery (Who has that?!) The mustache is an inside joke. But it's super funny!

My companion and I made delicious cookies. Dulce de leche es ricisimo.

My poor companion and her leg

We ate at a dirty ol burger shop in a train station. 

There was a bird in the burger shop eating the food....

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