Monday, September 21, 2015


Sorry I wasnt able to send an email last week because we traveled far for a pday activity with the zone. We played a TON of soccer, volleyball, and dodgeball (latino style) then went to eat....I was so sore the next day.  I will sum up a little of last week too. 

I`ll have to say, the switch from the ghetto/city life to the country life was a weird change, but wow, I`m LOVING it out here! It`s a whole different world.
So our zone is a couple hours out from the rest, and our area is about another hour out. Every companionship has missionaries that live close to them, but we`re about 30 minutes from everyone in our lil town, it`s a weird feeling to be the only town in such a long distance! 

This week we did a lot of traveling because every time we have a zone meeting or zone activity we have to travel the night before and stay in an apartment of other it`s a slumber party with us 6 every time. Super fun! I have met a lot of new people in the zone (we`re so isolated I hadnt even seen a lot of the missionaries out here) and it`s such a fun zone! I`m in a zone again with my excompanion Hermana`s sooo much fun! My lil Chilena heads for her house in October though :/ My companion Hermana Abril Amaya is super great too, I`ve been so blessed with companions that become such great friends. She doesnt have much time in the mission and only one transfer in the area, so we are both learning the area and getting to know the people. They say it´s tough here and before like 6 months ago there wasnt a baptism for 3 years...from all that I heard, it kinda scared me but I honestly can say it looks like such an amazing area! I LOVE IT! And we have already seen so many miracles and we are going to work hard. 

So here`s some ways it`s different out here in Baradero...
We have bikes...we`re pretty sure we`re the only area that doesnt have colectivos (buses) and one of the only areas with bikes, it`s the only way to get around. THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!! In the "cityish" central part with paved roads I felt so weird because the bikes are part of the traffic, so we have to keep up. And there`s little to no rules or stop signs to direct the traffic, but I`m use to it now. And on the bumpy dirt roads (most of the area) it feels like I have been riding a horse all day and we are sore the next day ha. 
Our church is SUPER TINY. You open the front door and walk just a little and you go through the back door. It`s like the size of a house and it`s yellow. It`s so cute and tiny! It´s fairly new (they had the church meetings in a house before). 
We have like 25 active members and hundreds of less actives :/ With such few people, we often get to teach the classes. 
We have a big pretty river with an island with a couple houses on it. We happen to have investigadores on the island and they have to come to us in a canoe. 
There`s horses, cows, and dogs everywhere, oh and pretty trees and parks! 
The stars and sunsets/sunrises are crazily beautiful! 
yyy sip...I´m lovin it!´s a lot safer.

We´ve had such an amazing week! Last Sunday we brought 5 investigadores to church and over 15 less actives...our tiny church was full! But it was such an amazing feeling that they all came! And this Sunday we were able to bring 5 again...woop! It´s amazing how we were all able to figure out ways to get them to the church because there´s not many options for transportation out here. We have a few people that have baptism dates next week!!! Dang..Satan is a tough worker...but these investigadores have amazing faith and I know we´ll be able to overcome whatever happens. It truly is amazing seeing how the gospel influences and changes lives. Wow, it´s incredible! 

Oh I almost forgot...I was sick for a couple days.. We´d go out and work for a little, then when we´d come back I´d pretty much pass out on the floor and sleep forever. I felt like such a weakling! It wasnt too fun, but I´m better now. It got around to all the members. We had people bring us over empanadas, someone else brought over bananas, and then others came for a blessing. Wow, the priesthood power is incredible, the next day we were out and working just fine! 

There have been so many miracles that we have seen this week, I know I say that often, but wow, it has been incredible! With the members, less actives, nonmembers, other missionaries, we have seen miracles con todos!! It was such a great week! I can definitely feel the Lord´s guidance each and everyday. 

Have a super great week! 
I love you!!
Pizza libre with the zone

I see the coolest sunrises when I wake up!!!

La vaca y yo

We had to get down to a house down at the bottom of that hill. HUGE HILL OF GARBAGE!! The road just ended and.....that. We saw people getting down it to get to the we were standing at the top of it trying to figure out how to get down and an old man started yelling at us thinking we were there to clean it all up. (I didn't quite understand how we looked like we were going to clean it all up in our dresses....but.......haha)

We did a service project with the ward and painted a school. We forgot the rest of the time :)

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