Monday, December 28, 2015


Christmas week was absolutely amazing!!! I received the best present ever......talking to the family! Although it was extremely difficult for me to speak english...I had to keep asking every couple minutes if they understood me, because I don't even know if what I say or how I say it makes sense! They said I have an accent now (I've never noticed, pero bueno). I'm sure it`s just me trying to force out english ha. I sure am grateful for all the support I had there, looks like it was a party in the Carter house :) I have the best family... :)
For Christmas Eve, we had a devotional as a mission, it was incredible!! Super fun :) In the night we had dinner with a family, and it was delicious! This Christmas experience in the mission was one of a was incredible and even though the Christmas was a lot different, I learned so much and saw a different perspective of things.
It`s starting to get REALLY, REALLY hot here...I was sitting on my bed and a GIANT cockroach was on my foot.....I freaked out and kicked it off....and my companion said we could change the beds (it`s a bunkbed). She has been wanting the lower bunk for awhile so I told her yeah because I dont want cockroaches in my bed. And she`s not bothered by it, she wanted it igual. So we changed beds....terrible idea...heat rises and the weak fans dont reach the top bunk. I feel like Im sleeping in a sauna with a ton of bugs eating me! There`s so many mosquitos here! The other day there was a yellow alert (sun alert), and they said that people needed to drink a ton of water and that the people shouldnt leave. The people are very obedient and they dont leave until like 6 in the night. We`re the only ones in the street half the time. Todo bien, it`s part of the mission experience!!! Nothing stops missionaries.
I`m super excited for this week and for the new year! There are a ton of things planned for this coming year and a lot of changes that will happen. I`ve been making my goals for the year and I'm super excited :) I love you all! 

I didn't even notice all the mud until I got looks like we were out camping. Wow the streets are so muddy here sometimes!

presents under the tree :)


A great family in the ward

These shoes are super common here.....they're GIANT! I can't believe it. Yikes.

My comp and her presents :)

Her first time eating peanut butter., mixing with dulce de leche. esta bien.


Nativity on the wall :)

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