Tuesday, December 1, 2015


This week is translados......and.....................IM STAYING IN BARADERO!!! FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! I`M SO EXCITED!!!! My favorite area!!!! It`s amazing, I`m super lucky. I will be staying with Hermana Da Silva from Brazil, we`re excited to have another transfer here together. We have a lot of great plans for the area and a lot of activities planned for Christmas for the branch and people here. Woop! 

We had a primary program in the branch, I played piano for it, it makes a lot of time that I have played piano (that was worded bad, but it`s translated from spanish and I dont remember how to word a lot of things now....). I loved it! I love serving in this branch...the missionaries always get to do a TON because there`s not a lot of active members here. So we usually end up teaching the classes, praying, leading, the activities...but that`s something I love about Baradero. They love and appreciate the missionaries...unfortunately that`s not the case in many areas. 
For Thanksgiving, President did a surprise meeting, so we traveled the night before to stay in a different apartment and head for capital. I think Ill be a pro camper when I get back to the states....we just throw a couple things in the back and go stay the night somewhere else. The meeting was super great, I loved it. Thanksgiving was a little different because we didnt eat anything until the afternoon that day, and it was a hot dog from a street stand while we were traveling haha and there`s no such thing as Thanksgiving here. But I will say that I have A TON to be grateful for :) I`m very blessed. 

We assisted a young woman and excellence program, makes me think of all the things we did when I was in young woman`s, and Im super grateful for everything I learned. There`s very few young woman here, but they are great examples to me...and for that, I am starting my personal progress again, and Im loving it :) 
Rocio (recent convert) is doing AMAZING! Wow...she`s already giving talks in meetings, assisting the devotionals, she shows us her studies with her scriptures all marked up, it`s amazing....she`s been a member for 2 weeks. Wow! She will make a great missionary. I can`t wait. 

Also, it`s getting realllllllllly hot here...

Our new pension....haha jk. This was part of a pizza buffet we went was crazy cool!

Pizza buffet with the relief society, my comp and I could only stay for 30 minutes so we stuffed all the pizza we could. Wow, there's some weird pizzas here, they just throw anything over the pizza.

I ATE COW TONGUE! It was actually pretty good....just can't think about it.

For the YW project, we attached scriptures on the end of the balloons and let them fly away to end up in the hands of other people. :)

She made homemade pasta for us.

this rooster is a fighting rooster....which I think is really sad that humans would do that...but that's what he's used for. He was a lil bloody poor thing.

hahahaha this pic is blurry but it cracks me up how he's holding it.

This bird was on my bed when I came out from the shower.....

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