Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2nd Week!

Hola amigos!!! 
Everything is still going GREAT! I love it hear :D PLOT TWIST...Our first "investigator" is actually our second teacher...SOMEONE COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT (all you returned missionaries ;)) My first week was a lie!!!! Jk, but really....what a plot twist! It was a lot to take in that this "rebellious man" was our now our teacher. His name is Hermano Harris. He acted out how we all did in our weeks worth of lessons with him. Pretty much making fun of some of the things we said, especially the Elders. Kinda embarrassing...and I don't get embarrassed lol. But hey...we don't know spanish too well yet haha. He would only speak to us in spanish...I thought he was from Uruguay (but that's just "Enrique" so I just assumed he didn't speak English. He'd just say "No hablo Ingles". 2 days later I found out he spoke English.....Seriously?! I tried sooo hard to talk to him in spanish for 2 days, just to find out he had always understood what I was saying haha. But I guess that was good for all of us, I suppose. 
Just a funny story...we were doing an activity where we went around the room saying what we wanted to eat in spanish, and i said "Quiero comer pecados" which translates as "I want to eat sin" hahah....I meant pescados which is fish, oops! Mi companion said she loves herself in spanish on accident. and someone said "I like to kill" instead of saying he likes to do javelin haha. We're learning....but there's definitely a lot of funny mistakes! Everyone in our zone has been sick EXCEPT for me and my companion, some have even been sick twice. WE'RE THE LONE SURVIVORS!! People say we won't have the "full MTC experience" if we don't get something, but whatever! I'll keep my force shield up ;) Just to clarify...Hermana moffitt is going to pheonix AZ and the rest of the Hermanas are going to ARG-BAN. I know there was some confusion about that. Just FYI, I know my e-mails are going to be super random, because that's just how I've always been. We decided to mix it up and go to the fitness center instead of the gym the other day; there were only like 5 elders in there (because they split up gym time). There's no music in there so everyone can hear everyone huffin' and puffin'...I mean, I don't care what people think, but it's just kinda weird! In front of the ellipticals and bikes there are some T.V.s with general conference talks/mormon messages, but with no sound unless you have headphones. So my companion and I made it we rode the stationary bikes watching the soundless T.V.s we would make up/narrate what they're spanish. Working out while practicing spanish made it way fun...if we were on real bikes I would have crashed because of how much I was laughing....still, always laughing :)

Something I realized lately.....I am ALWAYS singing/humming. I'm not sure if that's a way to cope with stress, but there is always a Hymn stuck in my head. The same goes for my companion. The hymn changes everyday, and it's sang throughout the whole day. We laugh and sing a lot...our teacher said that people have different ways of coping with stress, and I think that's just to laugh. Because honestly, I'm not stressed. Yeah, there's overwhelming or stressful times, but it's not like people have made it out to be. I tear up more about the spirit hitting me, and only once from being sad, but that was the first night so that doesn't count ;) 

We keep reallllll busy. We teach up to 5 lessons a day...and it's definitely a challenge when you want to express how you feel but you have to translate it in your head. We have investigators that are members, volunteers, and our teachers that role play. 

On Sunday we had a suppppper great devotional. We sang "Joseph Smith's First Prayer", it was soooo beautiful! The whole devotional was broadcasted, but I have no idea where that would be found. But Elder Russell M. Nelson and his wife spoke, it was amazing!!!! 

So I'm going to have to send like 3 emails of pics again...sorry. But thank you all again for the support, and for the emails/letters/packages...I'm like a little girl on Christmas jumping up and down from those things. I love you all!!!! Be happy and safe. 

The first pic is with the Hermanas, there will be more that I meet/train today! I'm pumped.
The second pic is at the Provo Temple on our Temple walk.

Our district and one of our Teachers.

The other pic is in some Pday clothes... I look like I'm about to mug someone, but that's okay....
Sooo...our room is pretty much a sty right now. And I'm a neat freak...but whatever. We literally don't have time to clean haha.

A pic of the me wearing the hat hat my Dad sent me that says "Utah's Auto Shop" .....hahaaa. It's an inside joke though. He used to put rocks or his old shoe in my bags when I would go camping/hiking. And he put a note on the hat that said "because I didn't have rocks or an old shoe"....hahah! Funny.

That's me....livin' the life.

And the other pic is our "Walgreens" .......that's mine and my companions vitamins and tons of food now from packages. I think we both sounded like we were starving. I mean....we were hungry....but her Mom was concerned and sent tons of food. Same with pretty much we could open a Walgreens now.

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