Wednesday, January 21, 2015


First of all, P-days are so awesome. So I'll start by talking about last week's P-day. When I was doing laundry, there were like 10 Elders next to me trying to do their laundry...they had so little knowledge of how to do laundry. Sadly, I had to teach them how to do laundry, then when my companion and I went back to our room, and we found men's underwear in our laundry bags?'s been on her desk for a week and we don't know exactly what to do with it...perhaps put it in the Narnia hole....idk. I only add that because I'm still laughing over it for some reason haha. 

We got a new district in our zone; 4 Hermanas and 4 Elders. One of the Elder's went to Lehi High School, apparently knows my cousin (Whitley, that's you!!), both my bros, my old dog and has been to my house a couple times to hang with my bros. And I had no clue who this kid was, but just thought that was kinda funny. Whenever I see people here that I have seen before, or went to high school with, it's like automatic best friends. JK, but it is exciting seeing people I know every once in awhile...because I know that won't happen in another country. 

So I have an addiction now...FOUR SQUARE. I didn't play it the first couple weeks because I thought it was an elementary game, but no! It's super intense! Haha, sweatin' from 4 square...when I get back I'll start a four square tournament, be ready ;) Everyone we play with is so competitive, SO FUN! Me and another Hermana also go to workout classes like kickboxing and yoga in the morning, which are wayyy fun and very well needed.

We had a devotional on Tuesday, with M. Russell Ballard. It was broadcasted throughout all the MTCs, it was soooooo good! On Sunday we had a temple walk, which is always fun :) And watched the Joseph Smith movie at night..I've seen it 3 times and I still bawl during it! I'm forever grateful for him, that's for sure! Mondays are the toughest days, just because we teach so many people with hardly any preparation, and the lessons always go off on a tangent with the hard questions they ask. I just say they're hard because answering them in spanish is quite the puzzle. My gears in my brain are spinnin' so quick sometimes haha, but it's good for me to get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes is feels like I'm drinking from a fire hydrant here; most of the water hits my face and only a little actually gets in my mouth haha. Not really stressed, but we're definitely kept as busy as they can have us be! We did sealings this morning at the temple...really cool experience, I have never done that before...Loved it! Sorry I guess I should start putting my days in order haha. They just all blur together here. I have to think realllly hard to find out what the date is, most the time we don't even know. Time is just weird here. 

My companion and I decided to do an "English Fast" the other day...which means, NO ENGLISH. I was bummed thinking that we wouldn't be able to make each other laugh anymore. but NO, we could still crack jokes in Spanish aha, so it wasn't too bad. The conversations can be very slow at times though, when all I want to do is just spit it out!! We made it almost the whole day, got really tired of it though, we were drained haha.

My companion and I are still the lone survivors of sickness! (Thanks mama for the vitamins ;)) Idk what's going around, but it doesn't seem too great :/ One of our districts leave on Monday...kinda sad, but we're right pretty close behind them! I'm on week four, and I'm so excited already to go out and teach! I do love it here though :) Well...not sure what else to write because so much happens and there are so many stories I want to share! but the humor and emotion don't typically send with the e-mails hah. But know that I love you all! I love to hear from ya'll and I hope this week is amazing for you!!! 


The first picture is of our zone...minus 2 Hermana...I don't know where they went.

The second picture is of our district. We rock!

The Hermanas, minus 2 other girls, it's hard to get a pic with everyone.

And the other pic is what happens when I study too much...

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