Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day!

Familia y amigos!

I hope all you mothers had an amazing Mothers Day! I´m SUPER DUPER grateful for my mama. As you all know, she is INCREDIBLE! She is extremely selfless and always puts others first, it really blows my mind! I can´t even comprehend everything she has done for me. She really is perfect! I´m lucky to have such a great role model and I hope I can gain some of the qualities she has while I´m on my mission. If I'm lucky :)

I GOT TO SKYPE MY AMAZING FAMILY! They seriously are the best! They had me laughing pretty hard, it was a good boost of energy for the week. I still have a smile on my face from it!
Well, I have tried something new I guess! Usually we eat chicken because meat is expensive here now and started feeling gross after eating ¨beef¨, and thought it tasted super gross. I finally asked my last companion why it tasted so weird and she told me it was horse meat! Was she ever going to tell me I was eating HORSE MEAT?! Haha.....
I already love my new companion! Chilenas speak super fast and don´t pronounce a lot of the letters, but after a couple days I could understand her fully haha. She is extremely nice and selfless. One morning I got out of the shower and she had made me a smoothie with a note next to it, the next day she made me an extravegant meal from Chile (it was like food decoration haha). The next day she made me a Chileno medicine hot drink for my throat....I kept telling her my throat is super raspy in the morning and night, but she thinks I´m sick...It´s really just normal haha. Oh well, she´s super sweet! We both love to laugh and she´s super funny! She knows great phrases in english like "oh freak" and "wazzup dude" and other funny stuff like it always makes me laugh when she throws out one of those haha! Having a Chilena companion is a huge help for my spanish! Thank goodness, because I´m the only white girl left in my zone lol. It honestly was a little weird talking to my family in english, I kept slipping out spanish words, but it has been a big help!  I still have to think pretty hard about what I want to say and I´ll need to keep working on the accent. At least a couple times a day someone will ask me where I´m from, and it´s because of the accent, because clearly I look latina! ;) But the weird thing is, is often times we´ll be in the middle of teaching someone in the street, and they´ll ask me if I´m from Russia. It´s always Russia or Poland, rarely the US. WHAT?! Haha......
This week flew by! But it was super great, ready for another one! 
Love you all!

This is a tripancho.......gigantic hot dog. Whoop!

This is from last week. We were waiting for the subway in Polermo!

My companion makes bomb food art.

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