Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This last week was AWESOME!

Last Pday we went to a richer area called Polermo, it was super fun! Sooo many people there and everyone lives in tall towers...really crowded, big city. We went to a really cool mall to eat and window shop (everything is extremely expensive in that area) it was super nice and kinda futuristic looking. Lol. I do remember why I´m not a city person though haha. 

We had a baptism! It was so cool to see. Her name is Milagros (miracles in spanish) and she is SO cute and loving! She was sooo excited to be baptized! :)

One night after arriving to our pension, our carbon monoxide detector was going off.......scary, right? I have heard of terrible stories with that! So....we slept on the roof. I LOVE sleeping outside, I really could just sleep up in the mountains for weeks haha. But it was really cold. I loved it though!

People here are CRAZY about soccer. They have the games on Sundays, so typically there is absolutely nobody in the streets of Lugano on Sundays. We literally didnt pass one person for hours haha. During the games, people scream like they´re getting boiled alive! We can hear tons of people at the same time screaming in their houses. It actually sounds super scary! 

Today was transfers. I already miss Hermana Carrasco. I have a new companion named Hermana Pordo from Chile. She is awesome and I already love her! Hermana Carrasco and I talked way too much in english and I am not use to her accent or really fast talking though...Chilenas! That really kicked me in the butt though because now I feel like a monkey trying to play charades at times. But I know a latina will really boost up my spanish. I will tell ya´ll more about her next week, because I really just met her lol. 

Have a great week! Love you!

Mili's baptism!

Sleeping on the rooftop! Notice our lil black cat... Cutie.

Eating outside because of carbon monoxide. Using my robe as a snuggie haha.

Alto Polermo Mall

Crazy sock models. Mine are camo hunter socks and hers are fox socks. HAHA

Hermana Carrasco ~ I already miss her!

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