Monday, November 23, 2015


Like the title says, this was a week of MIRACLES! 

Primero, the most important, ROCIO SE BAUTIZÒ! Wahooo por fin! She got baptized! I have NEVER met someone SO anxious to be baptized. The fast we all did together brought a miracle tan grande. Right before her baptism, my companion and I were judges for an activity for the young woman, they had to give speeches of topics of the strength of youth. Rocio participated and she wasnt even a member at that time, and she competed and gave a talk! She was SO excited to start personal progress and she was already attending all the activities before her baptism. Wow, she was so happy! And her dad was happy too :) (He`s next in the water, we can feel it...we just need to fast and pray for him...). But her dad changed SO much after the fast (when he was in the hospital) it`s crazy. 

I have to say I`m pretty proud of the recent converts here :´) It`s so amazing to see their progression in the church. On Saturday, Roberto went to paint someone`s house all day for service with another hermano, then went to an activity, then the baptism and was so happy to give the prayer, and then to do visits with us hah. His whole day was centered around the church. He shows up 45 minutes early to every activity (the police thought he wanted to break into the church because he was waiting outside for so long and he had to show his documents ha), and he was so happy to buy the bread for the sacrement and is always an hour early to set up chairs. He is willing to do anything any of the members ask, it`s crazy! and he`s super happy to do it and he tries to be best friends with all the members. Raquel also, she`s doing amazing and is so much happier than she use to be, she loves to go to the activities and she walks quite a ways to get there and she doesnt walk very well. And Rocio too, like I mentioned earlier. They`re doing so great! And it`s so amazing to see their love for the gospel. 

On Friday, we had a talent show in the branch! My companion and I loved planning it and decorating. It was so much fun! Some of the talenters couldnt make it, but all the girls danced for their talents haha. My companion and I were the only ones that didnt dance lol...we did a comedy skit, which sounds lame, but I have to say it was pretty hilarious and they all had a good kick out of it. And we also ate fire companion taught me a great skill. She`s crazy. 

We made banana cookies for the members with cards, it was a lot of fun. In result that my companion and I get distracted super easy, there were many batches that we had completely forgotten that we were making something. bummer. But we made a ton more! 

On the way to a district meeting, by bike completely broke down. My bike was always super terrible, I barely had brakes and had to put air in the tires every day and the chain fell off all the time. We kept taking it in, but nothing happened. My bike was so loud every time I braked, I was scaring so many people because they thought I wouldnt stop. So we take the bicis in the bus, and when we got off and started riding a little, my bike broke down again. And so I had to run along side of my companion with my bike FOREVER, wow it was so far! 

The classes of english and portugues are rockin. We sent 240 invitations to a school the other day, hopefully we`ll get more people. They`re fun classes! 

Well, I love you all! Enjoy the fotos! 

Rocio!!! SE BAUTIZO!!!!!! SUPER CAPA!!!!

Riding the bici, helmets are beautiful....... and they're terrible in the heat. :P

Banana cookies, Yummmm

We passed a bunch of cows in the shade, poor things. "Preach the gospel to every creature" (I don't know how the scripture goes in english.. ;)) But hey, preachin to the cows.

Ah, and horses.

We had a lesson about missionary work.


Lovin the rabbit!

This boy is dang cute! Haha, look at the rabbit's eye!

Talent show!!!!!! Look at all their cute certificates ;)

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