Monday, March 2, 2015


This week was great! :D
I can already see that the weeks go by fast and the days are long...time is so weird! I feel like I´m getting use to it, but still a newbie and I´m sure that it´s pretty noticeable hah. Last Pday we went shopping with our friend Augustina and took a bus out to a real busy city, it was crazy. The buses hear are so packed. I kept bumping into the bus driver and he was driving with one arm and his leg on the dash...seriously?! We all usually have to stand and I usually get distracted by the scenery and keep bumping into everyone. Shopping was quite the experience! Apparently shopping is done differently. I kept taking the clothes off the shelf to look at them (like you do in Utah) or pulling them off the clothes hangers to look at them (typical thing to do right?!)...and they kept saying something every time I did that, and of course I didn't understand so I kept doing it! Finally my companion realized what was happening and was like uhhh you can´t touch the clothes here, they have to get it for you! WHAT! And then a bunch of the stuff didnt have price tags so I would keep asking how much everything was, and they would all just look at me weird. I just thought maybe they couldn't hear me, so I would just say it again, but louder. I found out at the end of the day that I was saying the wrong thing every time. I guess I should probably realize that if people don´t understand me, then I´m probably saying it wrong, NOT that I need to speak up haha. Oh well!
We walk AT LEAST 8 miles a day with only breakfast and lunch...I feel like I´m going to wither away. We walk for hours and hours...because some days there´s not even a time we go and sit in someone´s house. Every day´s great, but definitely some better than others! I enjoy walking though, and there´s some interesting stuff that happens; get to see cool stuff, look at the purrddy trees, and talk to people :) We typically have to run to our pension every night because of time, which is good though because I don´t like walking through that area. We are exhausted when we get back each night to say the least!
I feel like I´m getting more use to the spanish, but I´m finding out it´s more and more different and diverse as well. I thought castellano was just the "sh" accent with the "y"s and
"ll"s, but apparently they use VOZ form which is something I´ve never learned or have even heard of! We didn't learn it in the MTC, because missionaries don't use that form because it´s informal, but everyone else uses it so I was super confused! Also, in Buenos Aires they use the PorteƱo accent, which sounds more like Italian. And then there´s all the other people from other countries that have their accents and so I can understand certain people better than others. I still feel like a lil kid when I talk because of how hard I have to think of the grammar, but I´m learning!
We have a cockroach and exotic bug problem in our pension, but we also have a cat that lives on our porch that kills the big ones! We can´t have pets....but he´s on the porch all day and night. We named him Toothless because he´s black and has green eyes like the dragon Toothless! He´s cute.
We went to Stake Conference yesterday, a lil girl sat next to me during it and stared at me like the whole time and copied everything I did for quite was pretty cute. I loved talking with the members afterwards too...super fun, we have some good friends here! 

Some of the referrals we have been getting are for really creepy abandoned houses...which is super weird and we didnt understand it. So...we started asking their neighbors about them just to strike a conversation and now we have appointments with the neighbors, so things worked out that way for a reason! I´ve seen a lot of things happen like that...people are put in our path if we are patient.
It rained again and I absolutely loved it! It was still really humid outside, and the rain made it more humid, but it was soooo awesome!
Well hope ya´ll have a great week. Love you all lots! 

Okay I can send pics this week, I need to be better at taking pics, but it´s not good to be carrying around my camera, so I´ll try taking more on P days! I´ll have to send the pics in a couple of emails.

In the rain

buffet with most our zone

With the zone

At a members home for that little girl's birthday!

The fattest dog....poor thing.

And us with a recent convert named NICOLE (yay) from the other ward at a buffet with our zone.

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