Monday, March 16, 2015


This week was awesome! Great things happened every day :) I´m grateful to have an awesome companion and for the awesome members here. I´m laughing tons everyday! 

I went to a family´s house (members, inactives, and friends) and they asked if I knew how to play guitar....and they pulled one out! I got to play the guitar for the 1st time since I´ve been on the mission. I played a song Dad and I always played (wasnt as good without ya Daddy) and played Metallica riffs thinking they wouldnt know I what I was playing. But they did....ah well, missionary rockin out! I missed playing! 

The other day I was explaining to my companion how much I hate jello (the last time I had it I threw up...I really hate it). And the very next meal we had, we get the jello sponge lookin dessert...I asked my companion what it was and she turned to me in english and mumbled ¨If I tell you you´re going to throw up so eat it and pretend you like it!¨ AHhhh what?! Found out it was like this milky/egg jello...wahhh. If ya´ll email last week mentioned the lady pouring oil and vinegar on my food...well that meal kinda poisoned me! Ok not poison, but now I´m on a special diet haha. Which means......not more gross desserts! 

Every night we plan and do the things we need to do, and once I hit the bed, I´m out! We are soooo exhausted everyday. There are days when we literally walk the whole day without sitting down (because people won´t accept us...). Lately though, there´s been parties and people screaming and clapping at like 3 in the morning outside our pension. It´s SO loud, I would wake up thinking they were in our pension lol. So we´ve been more tired, but hopefully that will stop now that the weekend is over haha. We keep pushing ourselves though, and a lot of great things do happen!
We have transfers next Tuesday, so I will be writing on Tuesday instead of Monday next week, just a heads up so the Mission President doesnt get a call from ya Mama ;)

Just a random thought....D&C 88:40. Stealing my Dad´s wise words, but remember to be positive, because you will attract more positive things in your life :) This scripture is pretty great. I hope ya´ll have a great week, love you!!

Moms note ~ Nicole should be getting a camera cord next week when she gets to the mission home. I'm crossing my fingers for some pictures soon! :)

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