Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2nd transfer!

Made it through my first transfer...phew ;) They say the beginning is kinda free climbing, but thought it went by super fast! I´m still in Lugano and will most likely stay here for 3 more months. Also, Hermana Carrasco will stay my companion for this transfer! Yay! I´m super glad, she´s super awesome and we have a blast. I´m super grateful for her.

At the beginning of the transfer, we had no ¨real¨ lessons with investigadors for weeks.....we would teach a ton of people in the streets throughout the week, and teach members, and inactives, but we never had a long lesson with a nonmember. Nobody has time here (I mean.....they have plenty of time to sleep in the day and sit outside and drink mate, but no time for us lol)., and nobody wanted anything to do with us. I always thought that missionaries would go from appointment to appointment and teach a ton of lessons in homes all day (like they do on The District). BUT lately we have had a lot more lessons and investagadors, woot! In the MTC they made it seem like we would be sitting around on a couch teaching (like they do in the movies), but it´s a lot different haha. We taught in dim, cockroach invested rooms, on someone´s bed (a lot of people dont have coaches), in a garage, and outside.
Around 8 one night we had a lesson in the dark, the lights went out so we gathered around a flashlight ghost story setting. But, it has been great :)

We have 2 people that really want to be baptized. One of them needs permission from her mom who doesnt like the church (she´s 17 so she might just wait until she´s 18......), but the other one is getting baptized at the end of April! Super excited :D
A lot of strangeness here...I´m definitely not in Utah anymore. Strange things happen everyday, and the more I´m understanding spanish, the more things I notice. Just want to mention Utah is a great place to live :) 
My mama was able to work something out to smuggle in an SD card reader into Argentina, because they don´t accept outside packages (she´s pretty sly that way ;)) ....So I will hopefully be able to send pictures next week.

Love you all!


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