Monday, April 13, 2015


Not a ton of exciting news this week because I´ve been sick, so this email will be a little lame haha. First time having to go to the hospital ever is in Argentina lol. I had to go twice...but all will be well. Let me just say hospitals in a 3rd world country that has "free" healthcare (i dont know how that works exactly) is REALLY different. I had a bad headache 2 Fridays ago and things kind of just went downhill from there, it´s been 11 days. I kept working and walking tons and just felt super nauseoso, had a migraine, and became really sensitive to light. After 8 days, I said something to President´s wife and she told me to go to the hospital to get stronger meds.

The hospital was super crowded and loud. Within the first 5 minutes of being there I saw security taking a drunk guy out. They put me in a tiny waiting room with like 10 other sick people and we waited for hours. And this is the "emergency room". Once I got into the doctors, he thought I had a sinus infection....with no runny nose or anything...weird. So he gave me pain meds and they did nothing to me. I pretty much laid down in the dark all day the next day because I felt super sick every time I stood up or looked into the light (stayed in my bat cave) was a test of my patience, because I hate being indoors all day haha...I was a little stir crazy. 

Sunday, I called the mission doctor and he told me to go to the hospital again. He said I needed narcodics but they´re nearly impossible to get here because a lot of drug addicts try to get them at the hospital. It was a little difficult to explain how I felt in I was acting a lot of it out. They did a catscan to see if I was internally bleeding. He gave me 2 kinds of different medications and said if I didnt feel better from them, then I would need to see a specialist today with more extensive cat scans. So...the medicine didnt work.......I called the doctor and he wants me to try a strong migraine medication today and we will see how that goes. 4 Elders (my whole district) came to our pension this morning and gave me a blessing, I do feel a little better, I can actually email, but it was no fun walking over here. But according to the mission doctor, it´s just a migraine and I should feel better after this medication.

I NEVER use to take medicine, and now my body is acting like I´m taking a bunch of tic tacs lol.....all should be okay though. No worries. I´m good enough to walk down here and write. Nothing to complain about, just a trial! Still super happy, loving the mission and I have a super awesome companion to chill with...although it just consists of us talking in the dark 

But hey, I have my SD card now!!! Pictures!!!! 

I hope you all have a great week! 

I sent this picture (with the green redneck grocery bag gloves)  because I was cleaning our moldy, bug infested bathroom...... and I didn't want to touch any of it haha. It was a pretty gross job!

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