Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Oh my oh my! I am in a different area, with a different companion. Mixed feelings! Saying bye to familias en Lugano was difficult, they will be a part of my life forever. Estoy muy agradecida por email y facebook. I also already miss my companion!! My companions have become some of my best friends, it is weird to leave them! My new companion is from Chile too, from the same area as my last companion...looks like I will need to go to ConcepciĆ³n, Chile. Haha. She is 25, she is really nice and likes to laugh, and that is about all I know right now haha.

Like I said in my last email, Lugano is double now, and they took out the Elders because Lugano wasn't having much luck...but we started working with a family before I left, and the parents are going to get married and they are all going to get baptized! We also set a date for another young man to get baptized. I am pretty bummed I wont be in the area for that, and that I got taken out right when all that happened, but the new Hermanas will see miracles! I am super excited for all of them.
This area is HUGE. Our taxi driver told me when we were in our area and after driving forever, he told me we were still in our area.....I saw the map and it is HUGE!!! My companion said that she hasn't even seen a lot of the area. It is diverse. There are super capital parts, tranquil parts, poor and rich parts. I am excited for a big area, this will be a big change for me. My companion has already told me that this is a super difficult area and that it is an area full of tears. The members dont work with the missionaries at all so we are mostly solo and the only way to find people is by talking to everyone. Which isn't a problem for me, but there is some things we are going to have to change. I am ready for the challenge and I am super excited for this new area! Oh and this new area happens to be next to my old area...the zones are combined now and so I am in the same zone haha. Same zone as my old yah!
But, about the morning President and Elder Lines (takes care of finances and stuff, the Grandpa of the mission), and some other Elders came to our pension to check it out. They wanted us out of there and moved into a different pension. After the visit, they took us out to eat at a grill, it was suppppper yummy! Our president is super awesome and I love how he is super involved with all of his missionaries.
Last Pday, Hermana Pardo y yo went to Caminito! It is a very touristy part of Buenos Aires. When I got my mission call, I looked online for pictures of Buenos Aires and most of them were of colorful houses and people dancing the Tango in the I know that those were all from Caminito. Everything is centered around Tango, colorful stores, booths, and statues (I dont know why..). We also went to the Boca stadium (only outside). Apparently I HAD to choose between Boca and River and I chose Boca because their colors are close to BYUs and Rivers are close to the Utes......sooooooo yeah I am a Boca fan! Caminito was soooo much fun!!!!
I have a lot of pictures!

I love you all :) I know that the gospel leads to true and everlasting happiness :D

Preachin to the Papa


Boca Players

Boca Stadium

There were so many statues like this, weird haha.

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