Monday, June 22, 2015


This week was probably one of the best weeks of my mission so far. Each day was so amazing! A little about my area....I live in capital capital, it is super busy, tons of people, and towers, but there´s tranquil parts too. It is SUPER international because we have Avelleneda which is an area full of TONS of people selling stuff on the street, and they are from usually from other countries in South America or Africa...seriously we see all types of people. We have a lot of interesting things in our area to say the least. They doubled our area because they took out the Elders, so our area is HUGE! It´s seriously more than 10 times the size of my last area.

My first day in this area was super awesome. We had a member acompanying us that served in Brazil. My first day, there were two different times where people came to the door and could only speak English, one was from Pakistan, and the other was from Africa. I was so happy to teach in English, but I could not believe how hard I struggled teaching in English. I had to think soooooooo hard to teach in English, I didnt think that could ever happen. I dont understand! But afterwards we had a lesson in portuguese with the member, so it was a very international day ha.

Something that I love about my area is that there are Casa Tomadas. Which typically means if you leave on vacation, then somebody could break into your house and live there. But in this case, they are huge houses or buildings where like 30 families live. Each family has a room, and they all share lil kitchens and bathrooms. It is really sad, and really really really poorly built, but this is where we have been seeing miracles this past week. We wanted to start working in other parts of our area because my companion has had 3 months in this area and hasnt even seen most of the area, but we have been stuck in 2 houses for a lot of the time. And it´s because in these houses.....the people actually listen!!!! We can go around taking to everyone in these houses lol, there´s not much privacy. We had a lesson with the African that I mentioned earlier, and as I was teaching him in english, a woman in the room next door started talking  to my companion and asked if we could come teach her and her family this week.....we had no idea who she was! So yes....I´m loving these houses. There´s definitely some oppostion to them though.
Oh my goodness!! We had a lesson in a nursing home!!!! I was sooo excited! I tried talking to every old person there, they´re so cute! It was a really sad place though, I couldnt believe it...breaks my heart.
My new companion is Hermana Ahumada from ConcepciĆ³n, Chile, which is very close to where my last companion is from. She is 25, she already has her degree and was a teacher for little kids. I´ve been blessed with awesome companions. She likes to laugh, so that´s good!
Have a great week, love you all!

This picture is from the my last area with the FamiliaValentes.... I love them!

Someone we reactived! It was a hard goodbye, but she said I'll always be her daughter lol.

My companion and I fell asleep shortly after this photo.... oops

From my last companion....Haha I think it's super cute. I am lucky we are in the same zone still.

Trunky....haha jk, just showing the US spirit.

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