Monday, June 8, 2015

I love my companion!

Well, 92% probable that this is my last week in Lugano, bittersweet! I LOVE the people I have met here and I love the experiences I have had here. Lugano is tough and a super weird area, but I love it!! I love that there´s a lot of work that needs to be done. With that being said though...the area was getting a little tough and we asked President if we could work in the area of the Elders (they have the other part of the ward) since they will be taken out next transfer. We have permission as long as we don´t work in the villas, but I only have one week left, bummer!! It has been fun visiting families in the other area and working in a bigger area. 

Well....we learned the hard way where one of the villas were. First of all villas are taken areas where people can live without paying anything (they usually dont have water or electricity), they don´t need papers to live there, and they don´t have any rules or laws. The police don´t regulate in them. There is usually a small entrance that leads to a big "community" full of stacked houses (made out of whatever they can find), and tiny little alley ways. A family invited us over for lunch and on our way there, my companion was walking with a big map in front of her face and I hear people start yelling at us. I look over and........the villa was across the street. There´s more to the story......but we hurried and left. Now.....I do have 2 pics that I took when I was in a safe area. So I´ll send those, honestly all the villas I have seen look sooooo sad. I can´t believe areas like that are allowed D:

Spanish is getting´s still a process though! I have had 3 people over the phone think I´m my Chilena companion, so that always cracks me up! It´s still a bit of a struggle, and I still say things completely wrong sometimes, but people understand. 

My companion was sick and slept practically for 2 nights and a day straight, but she is better now. I seriously LOVE my companion!! We make everyday super fun and have a party every day in our pension before we go to bed. Hahaha, we´re always laughing and having a good time :) But... most likely this is my last week here with we´ll have to make this week extra great!

I played the violin and learned something on the cello haha... lots of fun :)



My companion cut my hair haha

My zone

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