Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Familia y amigos,
Les amo :) 

This week was buenísimo, la verdad. We have had a lot of amazing experiences this week and have definitely seen The Lord´s hand in our work. One of them happened as we were waiting for a member to open a gate to get into an area of towers. As we were waiting, a woman was unlocking the gate and we gave her an invitation to the church. She asked for more...after talking for a couple minutes we pulled out a pamphlet de la Restauración. She was super excited to see it and told us she had the pamphlet. She said she found it in a bus, someone in the street told her it´s what she needs and it will help her life, and she has been looking for La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días. Mi compañera and I were shocked! She introduced us to her family and is excited for us to teach her and her family. 

We also saw a really cool experience as we were introducing The Book of Mormon to an investigador. We asked him to read the second to last paragraph of the introduction...he got half way through the first sentence and started crying, lifted up his head and said "I KNOW this book is true." Just a confirmation of how powerful The Book of Mormon is in conversion, it really is a keystone to our religion. 

Lately my companion and I have been singing at the end of visits after sharing a message. We did that over 10 times this past week...and every single time, people were really does bring the spirit! Each visit had their own cool experience with that...brought 2 menos activos to church, and there have been people who said it´s exactly what they needed....but for the sake of time it will be in my journal haha. Seriously, soooo cool though. really has been such a great tool, and I´m grateful to have a companion that is willing to do that with me! 

I had my first Asado (the well-known Argentina barbeque) I can finally say I have had some AMAZINGLY good meat here! It was SO good!!!! Along with that though, we had blood sausage....and that was terrible, but everything else was delicious!

I went back to the hospital for a check really is kind of ridículous how terrible it is...I feel bad honestly. They had me do an eye exam just to check, so they dilated my eyes. No big deal, right? That´s normal! the U.S. my eyes were only dialated for an hour....but after this visit, my eyes were dialated for FOUR days!! I looked so was funny. I was a little worried, but I found out from other sources (wasnt going to go back to the way!) that it´s fine....and I´m good now. Just was a little weird...LOL.

Well, life is good :) Have a great week, and you´ll hear from me next week! Love you all! 

The photos were taken at the ocean last Pday.....seriously SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

My futbol team...(my zone:)) Was so much fun!

Mi presidente es un capo. He is so awesome!!!

Yummmmmmmm. Asado in the making ;)

Purrdy ~ Another beautiful view.....

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