Monday, July 13, 2015


 Where to begin.....

ehh. bueno. We went to the temple as a zone! It is so beautiful and was such a great experience. Afterwards we went and ate at a food de Peru (SO GOOD). We always just want to eat somewhere where it`s not Argentina food lol.
Buenos Aires is something else! And my area is super capital so it makes it super interesting. There are a TON of immigrants from other countries because they have free schooling and medical help there is a HUGE diversity in people and religions. There are a lot of people from Africa and China here for businesses. Also....there are a ton of people from discendants of Europeans after the war...which means there are a ton of their religions. For example....Buenos Aires has the biggest organization of Jews in South America and the pope of the catholic church is de Argentina. Por eso...the European culture is a little bit difficult, but not impossible! I think it`s super interesting and I love to learn about all these different cultures!
We were in a casa tomada and we were trying to find a door that belonged to a new investigador. Turns out we were at the wrong door and it was somebody`s bathroom, so when the guy came out he was super confused why 2 girls in dresses were standing at the door. So what do ya do? Invite him to chuch! We eneded up teaching him a lesson right there in front of the bathroom and now he`s our investigador! Stuff like this happens everyday.......things work out in weird ways sometimes haha. We also found a couple investigadores in a kitchen as they were cooking. I testify that talking to everyone and congregating people is the way to meet and find a lot more people! Plus, it`s super fun.
It has been a goal of mine to say the miracles we have seen in the companion caught on that I was doing that...and I just have to say that when we stay optimistic and understand why trials happen, we will be more receptive to learning from them. It makes such a big difference and we have so much more ànimo and energìa for the work! Count your blessings and realize the Lord is always extending his arm out, we just have to do our part and grab on.
I am super grateful to be out here, missionary work is a blast and is such a great experience :) I love you all tons. Have a great week!

One of the tables of missionaries.

We have Avellaneda in our area... which is a SUPER BUSY area for vending clothes and food, and about half of it is on the street. People put their little business out on a blanket and the streets are filled with them. It is sooo busy, people are just shoving to even get a step in. It reminded me of Black Friday, but like 10 times worse and through a big part of my area. But it's super fun! I went to a less crowded area to secretly take these pics lol...

This is one of the casa tomadas.

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