Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book of Mormon!

This week was GREAT! We saw a ton of miracles :) 

I have a cool story! One night we were walking and were hungry so we bought choripanes from somebody who had a lil BBQ set up in the street...not the smartest or cleanest, but things are different in the mission. We sat down quickly to eat it, and a man sat next to us eating his food and asked us how our choripanes were. "Ricos!" And then he asked us if we were Elders because he had gone to our church a few times 2 years ago with his neighbors that are members. As he was talking about these members, the members just happened to be walking by and invited us all over! He is super awesome!!!!! I´m excited. Things happen in such weird ways in the mission. Choripanes=success...

Hermana Ahumada and I were able to give a talk on Sunday. The bishop wanted us to do something different and not to just read and talk. So we did the talk TOGETHER and made a HUGE Book of Mormon out of boxes and on the other side it had stories and teachings that are found in the Book of Mormon. We were so busy throughout the week that we didnt even practice once before so we ended up talking for way too long, but we made it fun :) 

We had an actividad as a mission for completing the Book of Mormon challenge. President made a challenge to read it in 24 days, and we did it! We read the last chapter together as a mission. Reading it super fast in spanish was a little interesting, but it was a testimony builder and I still learned lots! 

The weather is great! Honestly, the winter wasnt even that bad. But I´ve heard it was a super mild winter...I came at the right time! I did take the COLDEST shower of my life though. Funny companion went to take a shower and as I was eating breakfast the water heater in the kitchen kinda exploded and was shooting out hot water, gas, fire, and metal pieces haha. An explotion in the kitchen! I started screaming and my companion started running out thinking that a man had entered. I could barely breath in my shower I took after that.....hahah it was so cold! but it´s all good now :) 

It´s a new transfer and I have a new companion! Her name is Hermana Baldwin and she´s from Georgia. She is blonde, blue eyed, and my same height.....we have a lot in it has already been kinda funny. We both have a lot of energy. I´ll be working with my twin. Woop!

About an hour ago, the daughter of my convert called and said that she had passed away :( I´m so grateful I was able to be apart of her conversion and that I could grow a strong friendship with her; she told me we were family :) It´s crazy how it all happened just hours after her confirmation, but we know that God prepared her up to that point to be baptized. I love my sweet Olivia! 

I hope ya´ll are enjoying the summer :D Talk to ya next week! I love you!!! 
On top of a casa tomada with a rad view.

Los fots: Our giant Libro de Mormon!

Cleaning a kitchen. We did a service project to clean an was a ton of work! There were a TON of dirt and other stuff, but it was really fun!

Two kids that I absolutely LOVE!

We have investigadoras from the Dominican Republic. They live in a tiny little room together in a conventillo. We always all gather on that bed and teach. But that's how it goes a lot here... we all sit on beds and teach.

This is one of the kitchens in the conventillo.....very sad. But, she made us Platano frito, something they always eat in her country. It was interesting!

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