Monday, August 24, 2015

Casa Rosada


Last Monday on Pday, my companion and I had plans that crashed so we decided to do something super spontaneous. We took a subway to Congreso(One of those times it was so packed I didnt have to hold onto anything because I was squished in the middle of a billion people..trying to breathe ha)...I´ve already been there before and that was one of my companions area so we wanted to go explore. When we got there, we saw a line of people entering the casa rosada...we had no idea what it was for, but we got in line and they let us in the casa rosada (my companion said they NEVER let public in for the 5 months she was there). IT WAS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL INSIDE! There were open garden areas with fountains, statues of past presidents, paintings, red carpet going down the isles, soldier men marchin around,and crazy detailed architecure (my english stinks now). The thing is, is that we were walking around this royal castle looking thing in our sweats because we thought we were going to go play sports...we didnt quite fit in, but oh well! The rest of our adventure around Congreso was super fun! 

We´re kinda in a tough spot finding people, but we still see miracles everyday and we keep working hard! Something we started doing was making more goals everyday (different kinds of goals and more of them) and we came up with a super rad reward. If we achieve our goals, we can have a dance party at the end of the day! Haha....sounds lame, but you would be surprised how that really pushes us...hahah. After planning and night, we write in the journal, do the things we have to do, dance, then go to bed (we´re dead tired at the end of the day). But hey, we´re seeing success come from it! companion and I came to the conclusion that we should be fluent in Corean/Chinese by now.....jokes, but en my area, a ton of the shops, signs, and stuff are all in Corean. In the states we have a lot of things that have a spanish translation after the english one, but here it´s all translated in Corean. Sometimes we ask ourselves if we´re in Latin America haha, I love how diverse it is here!!! 

The work is so amazing. I love seeing the change it makes when people accept the gospel in their lives and strife to apply it daily. It´s truly amazing to be a part of it all. Nobody said it was easy and I will testify that it´s not. But there´s a video by Elder Holland called...well actually I have no idea what it´s called in english, but maybe look up The Atonement and missionary´s SO POWERFUL (He never fails to make a message really powerful!) But there´s a part that says that we shouldn´t feel like the work is hard, because it is NOTHING compared to what Christ went through in his earthly ministry. I think about all the things that have already happened to me and other people in my mission and it really does bring me so much joy. 

Well...I don't know how we managed it...but we took over 100 pictures this I will just upload what we did. I actually left my other drive at the pension so some of them will wait until next week! 

The pic with our hair with a ton of gel (practically plastered back!) is from a lesson we did with the hermanas in our companion and I have had some pretty creative lessons. This one would be too hard to explain in email, but it was so funny!

Love you! 


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