Monday, August 10, 2015



So this one will be shorter....but a lot of my week will be explained by pictures :) 

This week was super great!! We had to do a TON of traveling this week with my companion`s hospital appointment, tramites (document work so we`re legal), and conferences, so the work was a little bit slower, pero igual, we have seen some pretty great things, have met a lot of great people, and have developed a lot of great friendships! 

It has been raining like crazy here. We kept getting caught in the rain super unprepared and soaked, so that always turns out to be an adventure. But luckily we had our gear yesterday because it was INSANE! There were hardly any people in the streets so we walked in the streets because it was like little rivers at some parts! I feel invincible with my 4x4 rain boots, they rock! We`re probably just easily entertained but it was super fun walking against the flow of all the water haha. The raindrops are HUGE! 

My companion and I are seriously having a blast! It`s a little crazy how alike we are haha, but it`s been super fun. Definitely a lot of laughs, jokes, and blonde moments. 

Me encanta obrar en la viña del Señor y estoy tan agradecida para ser un instrumento en sus manos. He visto tantos milagros y bendiciones. Sè que hay tiempos difíciles, pero Él está caminando a lado de nosotros cada día y sabe exactamente lo que estamos pasando...sabe exactamente como a ayudarnos. Por eso, me siento felicidad y me ayuda tener esperanza, paz, y consuelo :D
The work is going great, I`m having a blast, and I`m so grateful for you all. I think about your examples and support often and it brings me a ton of joy! I love you all and hope yall have a great week! School`s startin for many of ya...woot ;)
I know it's hard to see but....we found this funny. They've got the European building, the Brazilian tiki thing, the super poor villas, and then the bazillion buses (city life...ha), it's just super diverse haha.

For a zone activity we had a "Minute to Win it" Pday.. with a bunch of super fun competitions. I have some hilarious videos from it and now I have so many good ideas for when I get back lol. If ya look closely in the pic you'll find something a little off... just a lil where's Waldo for ya. :)

A member surprised us one night with Mcdonalds......what the! Mcdonalds here is SUPER expensive, it's fine dinin here. It was super thoughtful. I have never liked Mcdonalds at home....and it's not any better here, I've said, things are different in the mish haha. So yeah, eating Mcdonalds during verifications with the district leader has.

The scarf isn't because it's cold...because it's not! I had to wear it because it smelt SO bad in the streets! I have no idea why.

I cut my companions hair

These four pictures were to animate the other Hermanas in our zone....just for good laughs! We have flags (representing when Captain Moroni threw his flag for liberty) with quotes for animo. Porque somos fuetes como Moroni :)

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