Monday, August 17, 2015

The Lord's work

I´ll start of with a miraculous story...
We had lunch with the daughter of Olivia (our convert that passed away) and she told me stuff I didn´t even know. So I thought I would just tell a brief story of what happened because it is such an incredible story. Olivia moved here with her daughter and son-in-law from a provencia because her husband died. Her and her husband heard a lot about the church because her daughter got baptized when she was older and now a lot of her family is baptized and in our ward, but they were catholic and didnt want anything to do with the church. My first week in this area, I felt so strongly to visit Olivia, but I had no idea who she was. We made an appointment, taught her a lesson, and asked her to be baptized. She didnt even hesitate to say yes and her family was speechless and so happy. We passed by every day to teach her. About a week afterwards, she had a dream that her husband told her not to get baptized, and that developed a lot of doubts and she wanted to wait a few months. We weren´t gonna let that happen.... After talking to her for awhile, she understood the importance of getting baptized and was really excited. I remember so clearly knowing that she needed to be baptized as soon as possible. Her baptism was absolutely beautiful! Two of her grandsons helped her in the water (she uses a wheelchair) and she was smiling during the whole baptism, as well as her family being in tears and with big smiles. It was such a special moment! During the week between her baptism and her confirmation, my companion and I felt really strongly that something was going to happen to Olivia, but of course we didnt say anything and just kept visiting her. Something that her daughter told me at the lunch was that after her baptism, she told her daughter that she was going to leave because she did what she needed to do here on earth and their was nothing else to do. (I didnt know she said that until 2 days ago). A day after her confirmation she was in the hospital because her heart wasn´t working correctly and she needed a pace maker. After a couple days, they couldnt put in the pace maker because she got an infection in the hospital. Also, her mind left a little and each day it got worse until she couldnt even really talk. But like I companion and I knew, so we did our best to comfort the family. The first hour of this transfer, her daughter called us telling us that her mom passed away...but that she looked so peaceful. Her family thanked us for touching Olivia´s heart and for what we did, and yeah....teared up. Her family knew that she came to Buenos Aires to be baptized...just nobody knew that until after.
So that was just the brief story, I mean yeah, it was still long haha but there´s a lot more powerful details and miracles we saw. I just wanted to share something from that experience. It just PROVES that this is THE LORD´S WORK, not ours. HE prepares the people, and we are just the servants. It also strengthened my testimony in the fact that we are in our mission, our area, and our companionship for a reason. He times everything SO perfectly. The experience is a perfect example that He set it up so perfectly. Moral of the story, listen to the promptings of the spirit, act on them, and trust in God :) 

It´s always a good compliment when your´re talking to someone on the phone and they think you´re latina. It´s a great moment. But funny story....I called the hospital to make an appointment for my companion, but the phone was kinda cuttin out and the man on the other end asked me if I needed to talk to a CHINESE doctor.........he thought I was from China!!! What in the world! :O 

We did a lot of traveling again this week. One day we took a subway, tren, and bus just to get to one area...yeah, we´re in MEGA CITY. Which really isn´t my thing, and it´s a little tough, but it can be pretty interesting to say the least! 

My companion and I had a contest with the other hermanas in the zone to see who could ask people to be baptized the most. My companion and I have a goal to use our bold personalities and, well, just to be bold in commitments, finding their true desire, and things like that. It has helped us a lot to find more people, we have a lot of baptism dates set, but Satan works hard with them, and it´s definitely a little tough to drop people. But we do it with faith knowing that the people who can progress will be put in our path.

Speaking of which...
One of our investigadoras came to church, and when we got there there was a man sitting on the bench that said that his friend (from a different ward) told him to go to church, so he did, solo! I was super impressed, and he already wants to keep coming back and wants us to teach him! What the! There´s a lot of moments in the mission that are just like " this really happening?". Pretty much one of the coolest feelings! 

Gracias for all that you do. I love you all and this week is SUPER GREAT! 
We had a dulce de leche's delicious.

During breakfast, I was that calls for the Cruela De Vil coat and mate (I'm finally becoming accustomed  to it.... I hated it SO much at the first...:)

Hahah I was cold....I think if I would have went out like this, I would have gotten a lot more "Are you from Russia?" questions...haha

Haha redneck shreddin, We had to get rid of confidential stuff...but we both love fires, so I enjoyed every second of it, just thinking of good ol camp fires ha.

On top of a building. Welcome to the city! Look how close they all are. This is an example that you walk in one door, to lead to other doors to other people's houses. Because they all live to close together.

I was standing in front of a realllllly old prison.

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