Monday, August 3, 2015

Hermana Baldwin... my twin


This email will be a shorter, perdòn.

First off...I`m having a blast with my companion! President really put me with my twin of the mission! Somos iguales. We like the same things, have our blonde moments, and laugh A TON! We`re going to make this transfer super fun and see lots of miracles :)

We have a lot of high goals for this transfer, but we have faith to accomplish them! There`s a TON of work in the area and we have a lot of ànimo for that. We also have a goal to ALWAYS be super happy. Because yeah, the work can be a little tough sometimes, or things fall through, but that`s just a part of life. Attitude really makes the difference. We make specific plans of how we will reach all of our goals. So we have a list of things we will do when times like that happen lol. So we will never be disanimada and always keep optimistic! :D
I`ve been teaching piano to help young women with their personal progress, it`s been fun! I definitely miss piano, but I`m grateful for the times I get to play it here. My companion is a killer singer, so we were practicing a couple songs, singing and playing piano...just for fun. Then a young woman asked us to allow her to take a video of a song we were just trying out. She put it on like every social media site and told us she`d make us famous (how embarrassing).....and all of her hashtags were pretty much an advertisement for the missionaries. But hey she`s inviting everyone to talk to missionaries through hashtags, so that`s pretty cool haha.
We didn't have money on our sube (our bus pass) and had to walk way out in Egypt to contact some people, but we figured we would just talk to everyone on the way. It seemed like a nice day, but as we got about halfway out, it started POURING! Argentina rain rocks. I loved it, but we weren`t prepared para nada! When we arrived, we were completely soaked....water in our shoes, heavy/wet clothes, hair like a lion...I felt a little weird showing up to the appointments haha, but it`s understandable! It`s a good thing I love the rain.
The work is doing good, I have met a lot of awesome people and have made a lot of great friends...the mission life rocks. Excited for another great week!

It poured rain all day....The lighter part on my skirt is were my fanny pack (yeah I have one now....things change in the mish lol) was covering, so the rest of the dark area is my soaked skirt haha.

After a little rain

About to go out and play ultimate frisbee with the zone!

My companion and I were watching mormom messages and eating galletitas in her bed....those beds are the tiniest things ever!

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