Monday, October 26, 2015

Oi, tudo bem?

This week was amazing! My companion is pretty cool, we get along real well and have a lot of good laughs. The craziest things happen, as usual haha. She`s teaching my Portuguese and Im teaching her english. It`s weird to think that we live together and speak different languages and we have to meet in the middle with spanish haha. In the pension she usually only talks to me in Portuguese and I think it sounds sooo cool! She has a cool accent. I only know a little, but so far we have a couple songs down and a prayer. It`s has a lot of things that are similar to spanish. A igreja de Jesus Cristo è uma bênção em minha vida. Minha companheira me encinol como fazer uma oração! We will be doing classes of english and portuguese so I will have to learn enough to be able to teach. We`re pumped! 

On Tuesday night we traveled to Zarate and stayed the night with other hermanas for a zone meeting the following day. It was great :) We only have 1 progessing investigador in our whole we know, there will always be tough times in the mission, but we know that we will see miracles with our diligencia. We just have to keep working hard, be obedient, and have faith and the Lord will do the rest :) 
We have a few people that are soooooo close to be getting in the water. It`s crazy the obstacles that are placed in front of them, but it`s a real test of faith and it`s amazing how strong they are!! We`re so blessed to be working along side of them. Roberto is doing awesome....perseverando hasta el fin! He always shows up to church 30 minutes early, talks to everyone in the church, and participates soo much in the classes haha, I told him he should teach a class haha. It`s amazing to see his progression and also the progression in his family. 

Sorry this one is a short email. 

These pics are from last week with Hermana Abril, we went to some really pretty parts. The last pic is of a giant Mate....Argentinos live for el mate! And Im acostumed to it too now....

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