Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference :D

HOLA!!!! :D

Perdòn I`m starting to get kinda lazy with the general emails! I used to write down what I did and it was easier to write in detail, but when I dont bring anything, I sit here and try to think of what happened this week! The weeks fly by SOOOO fast, and there`s always sooo much that happens! 

Almost the whole week we werent in our area unfortunately, so much traveling! It`s really not common to be traveling this much, and I know it will calm down, there`s just been a lot of things going! We went back to Zàrate to sleep in a different pension for a zone meeting the next day. An hour before the meeting I got Lumbago. To be honest...I still dont know what that is and I dont even know if it`s the same word in english or anything. I`ve never heard of that! But I guess it`s something I did with my back muscles. All I I`m recovering from a back injury from a couple days ago. It was such painful back pain and I could barely walk....Abuelita Carter. I walked up to a taxi to take us to the meeting and walked in all crippled. I was just gonna let it pass but some other hermanas were freaking out because they have had it before. I went to a clinic, waited 3 hours (really testing my patience ha), and the doctor was tryin to help me lay down on the bed, and I couldnt even do that! He was moving my legs and wow, the pain!! He told me I couldnt work for a couple days...that wasnt going to happen...not as a missionary! But I could walk straight up after 2 days and it still bothers me, but it`ll go away in a couple days. I just had a bad was so weird how strong and fast it all happened! But all passed, Im doing just fine!! But yeah, the traveling is a lot, but at least we get to travel through some really really pretty areas with some fun people! 

We had 8 investigadores go to the conference, and some of them went to multiple sessions! Wow, crazy, it was amazing!!! They loved it! It was amazing to see how it touched many of them. Everything about the conference was so powerful and so great! Unfortuntely, we couldnt watch the first session, because we had a power outage in all of Baradero for I will have to catch up. But the other 3 sessions were so amazing! These investigadores are so amazing, and it`s so amazing to see the changes already with their new perspective of life as they put into practice the principles of the gospel :) We are truly blessed to have the gospel in our lives! 

One of the many things I have learned in the mission is that I have found many of my friends of the premortal life :) And yeah, I dont really have much more to say about that, but I am so grateful for all of the great companions and friendships I have made out here in the mission...with missionaries, members, and investigadores! It`s incredible! 

Have a great week!!!

The pics are from interviews and a meeting with President

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