Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hermana Jacques

Bueno, we have permission to write today because we had transfers yesterday and we didnt get back in time with the traveling. My sweet companion left to a different area...dang, I already miss her! It was hard for her to leave Baradero, and it made me realize that I need to make sure I`m making the best out of every transfer that I have here. Do everything I can here. Changes are hard! But it`s incredible the friendships ya make in the mish. My companion right now is Hermana Jacques...but she is Hermana Da Silva right now (I dont really understand why, but she lost her other plaque with her other name). She is from Brazil. She has 3 months in the mission
so Im hearing a lot of portuguese haha. The accent de Brazil is so cool! She will be teaching me Portuguese :) She came from Capital and was a little shocked to see Baradero, to be on a bike, and to see animals in the streets.

Acà en Argentina, it was Mother`s Day this past Sunday. I felt like I should have been skyping! Sunday was great. My companion and I did a musical number with un hermano in the branch, I gave a talk, and my comp and I taught the classes. Haha...the props of a small branch, we get to do a lot, it was all really fun :) And I like spontaneous things! A great experience. 

My companion and I wanted to go exploring in our area one Pday. WOW, it is BEAUTIFUL! I hadnt had the chance to go out into the fields, trees, and river. There`s a lot of parts that i hadnt been in...because there`s not a whole lot of people that live over there. We went to a huge hill that was a Catholic tourist area...It`s called el camino de Cristo, because there`s a huge tree made into Christ on the cross and a long the path there is big cement blocks and carvings with the story of Jesus. But the view on this hill was SO BEAUITFUL! I could see the big river wind through the fields with tons of animals and wow! I have pics and vids :) Then we went to some other areas by the river :) It also made me realize that we have so much more area and I cant wait to use our time effectively and find lots more people in our area :) The search goes on!

I`m still having a great time, and Im loving Baradero. I LOVE the people I have met here :) It`s amazing to see the experiences that happen to people that have a desire to come unto Christ. It`s amazing to be a part of it. We are seeing such great things happen :) we have such amazing investidagores!  and the weather is just starting to get REALLY hot...and it`s not even summer yet!

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