Monday, November 9, 2015


I looooooved this week! 

Roberto accompanied us for his first time to go to some people`s houses with first he felt like he wasnt prepared to go out and talk to people about the gospel, but he got it down real good! We accompanied us the next day too....what a blessing...and we went to a lady`s house and she was quizing him and yelling at him because he doesnt believe in praying for saints. He was just bearing his testimony and boom, the lady started screaming. I felt so bad, and she wouldnt let us talk....but I asked her if we could just end with a prayer, and we left. I thought he would never want to come out with us again...he was pretty sad afterwards, but he said he`s willing to come teach with us whenever we want. It`s such an awesome feeling when the recent converts are out teaching the gospel with us!! Speaking of Roberto, we have been teaching his dad, and now he has a baptism date :) Wahoo! 

My bike broke down...typical, but this time is was pretty bad. We had an appointment out in Egypt and we had to have the 2 of us on a bike. 2 girls in dresses and helments on 1 bike...yeah, a little strange! In our path, Roberto just happened to be passing by on his bike and gave us his bike and he walked home. Poor guy....but wow, what a blessing! Their family is AMAZING!!! They are always so willing to help people. But the man in our appoinment will be getting baptized this weekend :) ohhh yeah!

In thursday we had a convencion of zonas with 3 zones and president. it was a lot of fun...and a lot of traveling. But I loved it. President has some great ideas for the rest of this year. We really have our goals and vision elevated and will work hard to complete it. He told us to be able to reach our goals we need to get out of our comfort zone and change things...we need to do different things to get different results. Y bueno, my companion and I had weekly planning the day after and we have something different and new planned every day. The other day we had a stand out in the park and talked with the families there. It just happened to be a holiday and a huge parade began and blocked up all the streets, so our stand was short, but we will return to do it again. We also have a goal each day of how many contacts we will do in the street. My companion and I were short just a couple before entering our I started riding next to a man on my bike and asked him a question about the street and we ended up giving him an invitation to the church and we had a conversation about the church as we were riding bikes next to the cars ahah. 

I cannot express how important it is to always be receptive to the spirit and to be willing to do what we`re asked. I had an experience in a bus just the other day with this. There werent many seats on the bus and so my companion and I split up and I was sitting next to a man. I felt so strongly to talk to this man but he was sleeping so I didnt want to bug him. Point is...we need to listen to the spirit even when we feel uncomfortable. So I started talking to him and asking questions about the area we were in. This man was super awesome and had some really great insights. I shared a bit about what my dad always taught me about perspectives of life and stuff and we ended up talking about the church for the whole hour...he said that the Elders always went to his neighbor´s house but he never listened to any of the messages.`s something so small that started but it`s just the start for this man! I love being able to have experiences like this in the mission, there`s a lot of experiences asì. It`s amazing to see how the Lord does His work. 

Yesterday we traveled for a stake conference, a bus had to come to the church to take us to the stake center. For us missionaries, the conferences seem to be a little difficult to bring investigadores because they dont want to travel, but we brought our sweet Rocio with us. She is doing so awesome! She is already starting her personal progress and attends all of the we`re just waiting for the permission from her dad to be baptized (she is 14). But wow, she is INCREDIBLE! The dad now has a lot of trust with us and knows the church is great for his daughter, we`re sooooo close! 

Also something last companion lost her plaques (nametags) and so I let her use mine. She sent me an email saying everyone knows her as Hermana Carter now ahha......I guess there`s 2 now, one from The States and one from Columbia hah.

I hope yall have a great week! I love you!!! 

A cute familia....Lots of love haha.

I was robbin' this kids dog.
We showed up to Pday in the same clothes haha... not planned at all.haha. Also....We've all got the missionary calves....haha.
Activities en Pday

El Hermana Pascua. He's a less active that attended our classes of english and portugues. After the class he showed us a picture that he drew of us.....haha.

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