Monday, November 16, 2015

Fasting = miracles

This week was full of amazing experiences...en serio...Dios me ha bendecido muchìsimo. 
On rained A TON!!!!! And wow is it fun in Baradero when it rains! It`s a little difficult because there`s no people in the streets because they`re practically muddy rivers, and there`s a ton of animals, and it`s a little hard to get around, but it was a fun change :) We`re just lucky that a few people let us in their house to share something (I think a few people felt bad ha). Speaking of which... we showed up to an investigator`s house and she insisted that we entered even though we were muddy.....and said "Ive been thinking of you girls and I made a bag of old clothes I didnt want anymore that I want to give you." When she went to get the bag my companion turned to me and said "I think she thinks we live in the street.....". Que mal! But yes, it was nice...I think it`s just hard to look our best in the muddy streets...pero bueno. haha. 

Thursday afternoon, we got a call saying that the whole mission would be going to the temple the next day. So that night we packed our stuff to travel and sleep in Zàrate. The next morning we left sooo early and traveled for another couple hours to get to the temple. So many buses....phew! But wow, what a great surprise President had for us! We usually only go 3 times per year in the mission, but wow, what a surprise! On the way back, it took a couple extra hours with the traffic......and we got back late and super tired. Totally worth it....the temple was such a great experience. It`s a whole different world in the temple and on it`s property. 

Read`s good.
Last Saturday, my companion and I decided to have a fast for Rocìo. She`s 14 and SUPER AMAZING! She is already starting her personal progress, goes to ALL of the activities and taught in one of them, traveled far for a conference, and wants to go on a mission. We met her last transfer. When we met her dad, he really didnt want anything to do with us and was very very cold. We kept passing for their house and slowly gained his confidence. I remember a couple weeks ago when my companion and I had a lesson planned about baptism and ask for permission again from her dad. We had a great lesson and at the end he said no and Rocio started crying. It was devastating! But, we kept passing and on Friday we made a picture of Jesus with a quote and a scripture and gave it to them. On Saturday we started the fast asking for God to touch and soften his heart. On Sunday we found out the Rocio`s dad was in the hospital for a serious problem with his heart. But my companion and I knew what was happening. We went to visit him a couple times in a very strict visiting schedule. It was so strict that only one person with each patient could walk in and each person has to but on a hosptial dress over their clothes. comp and I had to split up for a couple minutes (so weird). When I went in he started telling me how he wanted to become closer to God and that when he gets better he wants to come to church. I started tearing up for the first time in a few months, it really touch me everything he said because I knew Heavenly Father answered my prayers. I bore my testimony and we prayed in front of everyone and he was in so much peace. Also, the President of the branch and many members visited him so he said that we are like his family now because his own family didnt even go to visit him. When my companion and I talked afterwards, we realized that everything we had shared with him was guided by the spirit...because I had no idea what my companion had said to him because we were separated. Afterwards, Rocio told us that when her dad was in the hospital, they had the radio on and someone on the radio was reading a part of the bible...and in this moment her dad wanted to come to church. 

Throughout the week we visited him and Rocio, but he didnt say anything about the baptism. When we fasted it was stake conference far away and I forgot to pay the donation for the fast. Yesterday I paid it in church, and a couple hours later we passed Rocio and her dad talking outside with a family of the church. He thanked us all and said that Rocio can be baptized and start seminary. Then we asked if he would be baptized and he said wow slow down haha....but at least he accepted to let us teach him. MY TESTIMONY OF FASTING GREW SO MUCH! I cant believe the number of experiences I have seen in my mission where everything was done so perfectly....just shows it`s God`s work. 

Have a super great week, I love you all! 

The rain....crazy! We had to put bags over our feet and a plastic bag shirt under our jackets.....a lil redneck, but it works.

Pics of the beautiful! companion likes to eat raw eggs and raw meat. She doesn't just eat it to show me she can...she actually likes it. She just cracks an egg over her mouth and swallows it haha.

More rain pictures

Also, "Lady Gaga has her own meat shop here in Baradero." I wonder if she knows about that... Same as "Tom Cruise and Robert Pattinson have their own Chinese supermarket, and Zac Efron has his own hair salon."....Que paso?

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