Monday, November 2, 2015

Racquel se bautizo!

Wow, so much happened this week! Fa! An adventure every day. 

On Monday we had a picnic at a river with the district and my bike broke down afterwards (that`s super typical bike is crazy old). 

Tuesday we had a good work day and taught un montòn de personas, fue super divertido y exitoso :) Despuès we traveled to Zarate and sleptover with other hermanas for a meeting the next day.

Wednesday we had a reuniòn de zona...Hermana Comin and I did a special number in Portugues and I shared the experience that we had with Olivia and her baptism awhile ago and what happened after (when she passed away)...we were all tearing up. That is a story so powerful and will be a testimony builder for the rest of my life. The experiences acà en la misiòn are unforgettable. It really is so powerful!
Tambièn, we taught clases de portugues and english, it turned out to be really fun and really productive! I loved it! 

Thursday we got up at 5am and took a remis to Belgrano in Capital porque Presidente Gonzalez de la 70 and his wife spoke to all the missionaries en our mision. Our mision has a high goal of baptisms and lessons with members, and we still have a long ways to go to reach our goal. So he talked to us about faith and was incredible! Missionaries are always so pumped up after meetings! hah, it was amazing. My companion and I told our branch our goals and what we all need to do to reach it, and they`re all excited to start teaching with us and work along side with us. This branch is AWESOME!!!! 

Saturday was the baptism of Raquel! The mamà of Roberto! (Now it`s time for the papà :)) She is 78 years old and super great! A little background is that Raquel was SUPER....pero, SUPER sad before...I cant even imagine with everything she has gone through. She received a blessing of comfort, and the next, she was a different person. She was so happy! We took down her curtains to bring in the sun, and she finally said how happy she had felt. Testifico que Priesthood blessings are real :) She was so excited for her baptism. She showed up to her baptism with a boquet de flowers to put up for sacrament! After the baptism, Roberto stayed to clean the whole church...he loves activities of the church! In sacrament, Raquel and Roberto went up and shared their testimonies. And Roberto came to church with his first church suit outfit and received the Priesthood :) What a beautiful Sunday! Fa! 

Y sip, that was my week :) Super hermosa :) 


Aweee....Raquel :) A kiss isn't that weird because that's how everyone greets everyone anyway hahaha.

How precious

Roberto cleaning the church :)

My comp found these cans full of "meat"....and put it in our pasta....I felt like I was eating cal food.

My companion and I

I dyed my har.      Chiste

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